Diorama Pinot Noir Organic (Rose Wine)


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Its a fine and very elegant wine.

In the mouth it is appreciated for its intense fruity style which gives it a lot of personality and strength. At the same time, it is smooth on the palate with a good balance between body and acidity.

The aftertaste is long and penetrating.

Food pairing:
Mountain rice dishes, Mixed rice dishes, Stews and other spoon dishes, Cured sausages, Cured ham, Sweet ham, Seafood with sauce, Pasta with meat sauce, Pasta with tomato sauce, Pasta with creamy sauces etc..


Fecha prevista de entrega mañana, mircoles, 26 de mayo

Certified organic wine that follows the regulations of the Catalan Council for Organic Agricultural Production. After entering the winery, it undergoes a brief maceration with the skins to extract the maximum of its varietal aromas. It is then pressed and fermented in tanks at low temperature.

Serving temperature 10ºC

Pale pinkish colour.

An intense aroma of strawberry and cassis gives it a lot of character. Fine and very elegant.


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